A collection of poems and shorts told by the women and girls around you.


As the car snakes its way through 

the deep glen, you gasp at every turn. 

Flaming, blazing gorse valleys hide 

fragmented, tumbledown castles and 

we pause, 

imagining ourselves enthroned here,

Lairds of this fierce landscape. 


Globe-sized droplets beat a mellow 

rhythm on the car-roof but we refuse to groan 

at this country’s mizzle, a dreich

day can’t change our holiday mood.

The backseat brings with it a dozy stupor,

but whoever is napping is resurrected 

as we insist on singing ourselves around 

the Highlands. And, as the car glides forward 

through the smirr o’ rain 


we stop - 

wherever we want. 


Footloose and free-spirited 

we tumble out of the car 

all anorak and snack - 

the stuff of our childhood - 

the milky warmth of Cadbury, 

the salty sting of Walkers

fuelling us underneath the vast, 

crashing skies of the West Coast. 


We heave up hills where the air is laced with Atlantic brine,  

we sit atop living peaks,

we gaze into crystalline water, 

we prod jellyfish and feast on haddock,

we marvel at the dappled shades of the turning season, 

at the angry majesty of this wild place. 


And, we allow the wind to topple us as we traverse through 

tawny, sand-streaked grass to beaches with dragon-egg 

pebbles; pink and orange and pearl. 

The sand swirls shell-like beneath our feet, 

it is untouched, unstepped, and you say - 

we are the only ones here, 

then - 


you grin. 

BattleField MotherS:
A response to the israel-Palestine Conflict

Black powder explosion.Colored cloud.Bla
Road Trip


As soon as the bump arrived -    

It was over. 

I was no longer mine. 

I was yours. 



Nestled deep within 

You grew; a tangled, kicking 

elemental creature 



to human. 



And then one day, unannounced,

You burst out, bored 

Of your quiet, rhythmic, oceanic world;

A sprawling, screaming nymph-out-of-water, 

And I was no longer mine. 

I was yours.  

Mother and Baby on Floor

BattleField Mothers
Ellie Fields©

It hit in harsh blows 

I didn’t tell you to go 

It was said like I had no choice in the matter 

You were gone and it was done

Your life shaped by my tender words, my – 

Demands – 

But you defied them all, from no choice of your own 

You left