Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Growing up as a young woman, I struggled with two things. I felt habitually annoyed by the subtle daily injustices my friends and I experienced because we were young women, and I found the continual search to discover accessible and diverse female role models irksome.

Though television, social media and magazines celebrated and promoted outstanding, intelligent, beautiful women who had achieved incredible things, their lives were unique and frankly didn’t really reflect the day-to-day experiences of women around the world. Living a life like theirs seemed unattainable and inaccessible and I desperately wanted to hear about the diverse lives of everyday women, to celebrate them as a role models and to discuss the issues and challenges they faced on a daily basis. I also wanted to hear about the struggles women encountered when dealing with gender inequality and injustice, I wanted a space to discuss, normalise and combat the challenges my girlfriends and I were experiencing and I wanted this dialogue to be ongoing.

Too often, the experiences, stories, opinions and ideas of lesser-known women go untold and this blog seeks to give voice to those women, to provide them with a platform to tell their stories, to normalise discussion of the 21st century female experience and to promote accessible and diverse female role models for young women in the ongoing fight for gender equality.

If you feel you are a woman with a story to tell, please do get in touch, we can’t wait to hear your tales:

P.S. There are no rules – all stories are welcome.

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