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 Welcome to Tell Me A Tale; A blog   dedicated to telling women's   stories 





Tell Me A Tale is dedicated to two things – celebrating women’s stories and discussing the issues and challenges they face in the 21st century. Why? Because we believe that by shedding light on their lived experiences, and by opening these conversations we can, in a small way, actively educate ourselves in order to better empower the women and girls around us. 


At Tell Me A Tale, we believe that education and conversation are the primary means through which we can continue to challenge and fight against the sexism still inherent in our social systems.  


Though our focus is very much on women’s stories, this blog is for everyone, not just for women. Too often we switch off when the issue isn’t directly affecting us but Tell Me A Tale aims to welcome everyone into this conversation, because this is everyone’s issue.


Many of the things we discuss on this blog are complex to write about, read and hear as they address the sexism that remains prevalent in our societal institutions, our patterns of communication and the media we consume.  Though some of these topics are difficult to discuss, they need to be communicated in order to meaningfully step towards true gender equality in the 21st century.


Essentially, our hope is that in sharing these stories, we can move away from sexism and towards empowering women and girls to lead their lives freely and safely, to speak up and have their voices heard, to shape their careers by their powerful, positive influence, to aspire to and reach the top, and to know and capitalise on their inherent value within our society.




If you have a story to tell or would like to contribute an article, please drop us a message via the chat feature and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  If you'd like to keep reading more stories here at Tell Me A Tale, you can find the subscribe form below. 

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