Tell Me A Tale have run drama projects in prisons in both the UK and Australia.

Currently we are facilitating ACT ON EMPLOYMENT.

This  short course gives participants the opportunity to focus on employment skills, reducing re-offending, confidence, social cohesion and building stronger families.

Project Aims- Act on Employment aims to give participants the opportunity to practice practical skills when looking for/starting employment.

Project Outcomes-  The workshops used drama games and role-play exercises to give participants the opportunity to work on:

-Developing their confidence as an individual
-Working as a part of a team
-Looking for work that fits your experience and skills
-Practicing interview skills
-Starting a new job, what to expect
-Communicating with bosses and co-workers
-Communicating with the public in a work environment
-Managing your fears and expectations
-Finding a work/life balance

Participant comments:

I learnt how to express myself, how to act and communicate with people that I would normally find hard to communicate with and that acting can be a very fun and fulfilling experience. (workshop participant)

The program is beneficial to those who take part.  There is a lot of laughter, confidence building and character changing exercises. (workshop participant)

The level of control in the room allowed the prisoners to behave in a respectful manner; not judging or criticising others contributions. Her level of control also allowed some prisoners who were initially reluctant to participate in the class, the opportunity to become involved in the class. (Education Manager)

If you are interested in booking this program please contact: