The Culture of Child Abuse

I was in Dublin this weekend and happened to walk past an outdoor art installation ‘The Culture of Child Abuse’ in Temple Bar.  A sign read:

The Ryan Report details a catalogue of systematic, recurrent and widespread sexual abuse of children and teenagers.  Abuse on such a scale conducted over a length of time propels these abuses from standard time-limited crimes into a more serious category. They are in effect a torture of the innocents, these tortures represent a ‘crime against humanity’

These perpetrators and the institutions, both public and private, which condoned them should be held accountable of their actions.

The judiciary of the Irish State failed to provide the victims with effective justice, now, the Irish State should be brought before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

The artwork struck me as a powerful example of how the arts can be used to give voices to the unheard- those who have been let down by our social care system.  So, as individuals what can we do in our own communities to support vulnerable and excluded groups?

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